Hello, welcome to dizy.be!

What is dizy.be?

What is dizy.be, you ask? Why, it's a URL shortening service that tracks URL's to see how hot a link is! I know, I know, there are so many out there. However, we're not looking to compete with Bit.ly, or Goog.ly, or Ow.ly, or TinyURL, or...damn, there are a lot, aren't there? I mainly created this script to automatically shorten URL's in user-submitted comments on my website, Airwalk Design. So I figured, why not share it? You are welcome to use the standalone service or otherwise integrate into your website.

What can I do with dizy.be?

Well, the standalone version is useful for tracking social media analytics, or you might like neater looking URL's. A shortened URL would look something like this: http://dizy.be/835057. Click on it to see how long the original URL was! You can integrate this into your website.

Features & Requirements


1. It's only 2KB
2. HTML5 compliant
3. Our servers do all the work
4. Adds the HTML rel="nofollow" attribute
5. Adds the HTML target="_blank" attribute
6. Cross-browser functionality (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, even IE!)


1. For the jQuery plugin, you will need jQuery (any recent version should work)
2. But for the PHP SDK, you will need PHP's built in cURL functions (PHP would be nice too)
3. We do expect you to have some knowledge of code, however, you can contact us for help

Download SDK


Download v. 2.0 (.zip)

jQuery Plugin

Download v. 2.0 (.zip)


Don't be selfish! Nah, seriously; we'd really appreciate it. As a thank you, we will link back to you and your website. You can donate via:

Stripe e-mail: schwarz[at]airwalk-design.com.

Need help?

We don't currently have an installation guide; we're not even sure that we need one (yet?). If we do, tell us. Meanwhile, you can use the e-mail address above to send us questions & suggestions.